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Kothari International School

Affiliated by CBSE,International

B-279, Sector 50

Locality - Sector-50 Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India (201301)


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Principal Name : Ms. Nidhi Sirohi

Established in Year : 2005

Board of Education : CBSE,International

School Category : Nursery,Pre-Primary,Primary,Middle,Secondary,Senior Secondary School

Medium of School : English Medium

Type of School : (Private) Day Type

Gender of School : Co-ed School

About school
							A Co-educational campus spread over 8 acres in the clean and spacious Sector 50 of NOIDA; Kothari International School truly epitomizes the concept of a modern educational institution.

Kothari International School offers a dual curriculum based on international teaching standards. The school integrates the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education of India with the national Curriculum for England.

Each element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and affective skills of children, in a fun filled and congenial environment. In addition to the basic infrastructural facilities such as air-conditioning, well equipped computer rooms, a sports complex, a swimming pool, we have looked carefully at the inner things of life.

From choosing the right fabric for breathe-free uniforms to appropriate furniture for correct posture, we have ways of making every child comfortable, happy and healthy.

The school's day-boarding facility gives an extra edge to students keen on developing their skills beyond academics. The afternoon activity programme provides each child an opportunity to discover and build a 'spare time' interest and engage in creative and constructive pursuits. Sports and hobbies play a pivotal role in drawing out talent and building character and team spirit. Responsible and upright behaviours are an expression of the school culture.							
Principal's Message
						Our endeavour has been to create an atmosphere that will enlighten, encourage, uplift and inspire the dreams of the people who enter the portals of KIS and who are global leaders in their respective areas with lots of new ideas & innovations and also value traditions & culture so that everyone has the ability to contribute to the World in general and the Nation in particular.

Albert Einstein said. ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ Michelangelo said ‘I saw an angle in the marble and carved until I set him free.’ Edward de Bono said, ‘Removing the faults in a stage coach may have produced a perfect stage coach but it was unlikely to produce the first motor car.’ To go ahead we need to provide ‘out of the box’ thinking climate in the classroom.

Passing Examination with high grades is not the sole purpose of education. Can we create an atmosphere where the child is given freedom to imagine, to create and to express? Then what is that a School must aim for? Can we all (Parents, Teachers, & Children) look forward for a School:

    that is an agent of individual growth and social transformation
    that dreams of transforming potentialities into reality
    that believes in the child’s right to respect.
    that understands that every one learns differently, at different depths and at different speeds.
    that assesses, not to judge, but to improve learning.
    that cares & feels responsible for holistic development of all
    that believes that feeding content does not equal learning.
    that believes in helping each one to construct his/her own knowledge
    that helps all to find personal relevance in learning activities
    that makes all to learn beyond books
    that invests in teachers’ motivation and development
    that encourages parents to become partners with school in recognizing and promoting talent & creating a supportive atmosphere at home
    that encourages community participation
    that is open to adapt to new advancements in teaching technologies for example computer simulation of realistic situations continuously
    that develops positive work ethos and determination to do one’s best
    that learns continuously and moves ahead.

Resting on past laurels has never been our concept. “What Will Be” is always given greater importance. Don’t you find enough “WILL” power in one & all at “Kothari International School”							
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