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Jagannath International School

Affiliated by CBSE

D-Block, Pushpanjali Enclave

Locality - Pitampura New Delhi, Delhi, India (110034)

(011) 27017118, 27011560

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Principal Name : Ms. Indu Sharma

Board of Education : CBSE

School Category : Nursery,Pre-Primary,Primary,Middle,Secondary,Senior Secondary School

Medium of School : English Medium

Type of School : (Private) Day Type

Gender of School : Co-ed School

About school
							Welcome to the world of joyful learning at Jagannath International School. This school is being run by Mother Gyan Educational Society. Our school is recognized by Directorate of Education, Delhi and affiliated with C.B.S.E. It is located at D-Block, Pushpanjali Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi. Admissions are granted Pre-school onwards, provided all the conditions meet the satisfaction of the institution.

At J.I.S. we strongly believe in making our students excellent human beings before they embark on their life's
journey as independent professionals. J.I.S. embodies the culture of providing the holistic education that works on the over all development of our students' personalities. For us, it is pertinent to ensure their physical well being, mental alertness, spiritual calmness, social awareness, emotional stability, national belongingness and aesthetic appreciation. Nurturing our students with firm faith in value oriented education is our primary concern because we are sure of the fact that a strong foundation leads to a successful life. We lay adequate stress on character building, time management, patriotism, life skills, habit formation and handwriting improvement.

Our team comprises of highly talented individuals dedicated to the cause of Quality Education. It believes in setting high but approachable ideals and targets for our young ones and then filling in the go-getters', fires & spirit to chase their dreams. We are a wall behind our students when they stumble, a hand to pat their back when they bring laurels, the steps to lead when they need guidance, a shoulder to offer when they cry and a heart to love them at all times. Hence, your child is in safe hands at J.I.S.

Our success lies in our students' success!							
Principal's Message
						“Education according to Swami Vivekanand is not just gathering information which may remain undigested throughout life, but to have life building, man making, character building, assimilation of fine ideas and making them our life and character.”

A well designed and holistic curriculum at JIS offers maximum learning experience and brings down the unproductive time spells in class room. It also prepares students to explore their own academic interests. A coherent curriculum is vital for the development of the students thinking facilities.

I firmly believe that emphasis of the school should be on each child to excel in his competence in academics, in societal skills, in sports, in music and most importantly in his enjoyment of life. An institution is known by its traditions and values. The vision of the school keeps it growing and the quality of students it has is the indicator of its progress.

Another lesson which needs to be learnt is that we must be open to change without compromising on our values. Virtues like honesty, integrity, consideration for others and humanity have survived for generations. The values define a person more than his/her achievements.

At JIS, we believe that a strong character foundation will ensure a safe nurturing, positive learning environment for all its students. The opportunities provided by way of co- curricular and curricular activities are immense.							
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