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Access Points and Levels

To encourage participation and reward contributions, Ribblu has a system of Points and Levels. The number of points that you get depends on the specific action that you take. The Points table below summarises the point values for different actions. While you can't use points to buy or redeem anything, they will help you to achieve extra access and rights to download freely any valuable document shared on Ribblu.

Action Points
Begin participation on Ribblu.(Registration) One Time: 100
Upload a Paper/Worksheet 50
Mobile App Login One Time: 20
Profile Completeness Upto 25
Review a school 25
Commenting 20
Just Ask Answers 15
Invite Friend 10
Referral Bonus One Time: 10
Download Paper/Worksheet -25


Level Points
Platinum 5,000+
Gold 2,501-5,000
Silver 1,001-2,500
Bronz 1-1000